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Primary Day Results

April 25, 2012 by Josh Morgan

The Republican Presidential primary was held in five states on Tuesday, April 24, including Connecticut, as front-runner Mitt Romney continued to gain momentum.
Romney won all five states, including Connecticut, without much challenge. One of the challengers, Newt Gingrich, announced Wednesday that he was withdrawing from the race. In Connecticut, Romney scored approximately 68 percent of the vote. Ron Paul was second, with 13 percent, and Gingrich tallied 10 percent of the vote. Overall, there were about 55,000 Connecticut residents who voted in the Republican primary, which represents an overall turnout of 14.4 percent.
Locally in Cheshire, registered Republicans showed similar voting trends. Romney was first in Cheshire, with 390 votes, Paul second with 102, and Gingrich third with 63. Overall, 628 out of 4,429 registered Republicans voted on Primary Day. The total number of voters fell in line with the state turnout percentage, as 14.1 percent of eligible Cheshire voters choose to cast a ballot Tuesday.

Total Votes In Cheshire: (According to the Cheshire Registrars of Voters' Office)

Newt Gingrich – 63 (10.1 percent)
Ron Paul – 102 (16.3 percent)
Mitt Romney – 390 (62.1 percent)
Rick Santorum – 61 (9.8 percent)
Uncommitted – 10 (1.7 percent)

Total Votes In Connecticut: (According to the Connecticut Secretary of the State’s Office)

Newt Gingrich – 5,627 (10.1 percent)
Ron Paul – 7,373 (13.3 percent)
Mitt Romney – 37,641 (67.9 percent)
Rick Santorum – 3,721 (6.7 percent)
Uncommitted – 1,084 (2 percent)

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