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Preview Of This Week's Cheshire Herald

April 12, 2012 by John Rook

Have you gotten your Cheshire Herald today? If not, here's what you're missing:

*The Cheshire Town Council was on the hot seat Tuesday night as many concerned parents and student athletes turned out to demand that more attention be paid to the boys' locker room at Cheshire High School. Read what some passionate members of the public had to say, and how Councilors responded to the attacks.

*While the most heat debate at Tuesday's Town Council meeting centered on the boys' locker room, the biggest news from the meeting was the fact that the Council officially passed its budget for the upcoming fiscal year. There were no surprises, as the Council ratified a $98.7 million budget. Learn what that means for the town, and how an alternate proposal, ultimately voted down, would have changed things.

*For the last several weeks the Town has been mulling over the idea of changing the way in which recycling is handled. Now, new data released by Town officials shows that large savings could be had by the change. Find out just how much.

*A brush fire started off of Notch and Waterbury roads this past Monday. It was a small fire, but located in a remote location, meaning firefighters had to rush to ensure it didn't turn into something bigger. Read what transpired.

*As always, check out our editorial for the week, where we discuss how that small brush fire might have turned into a big problem had it gone undetected for long.

*Make sure to turn to our Around Town, Sports, and Schools sections for all your local news and happenings.

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