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Adinolfi Supports Including Primary Care Provider On ID Cards

February 28, 2012 by Special To The ...

The following information was provided by State Rep. Al Adinolfi's office. Adinolfi serves Cheshire, Hamden, and Wallingford in the State House of Representatives:

State Rep. Al Adinolfi (R-103) testified recently in support of legislation to include a patient’s primary care provider on their health insurance identification cards.
House Bill 5142, An Act Requiring The Inclusion Of Primary Care Providers On Health Insurance Identification Cards would require an insurer, health care center, or a managed care organization that deliver health insurance policies or medical benefits plans to include the name of an enrollee's primary care provider on any identification card issued to the enrollee for such policy or plan.
Rep. Adinolfi outlined in his oral testimony to the Insurance Committee three main reasons why this legislation should be supported.

1.With the primary physician’s name on every patient’s insurance card, any trip to an emergency room in the country would permit the physician on duty to know where and to whom to send records and test results, when they are complete, for further review.

2.Another reason to have a physician’s name on every insurance card would be that hospitals would be able to find patients when they leave the hospital without paying their bill, thereby cutting down emergency room fraud.

3.A primary physician’s name on the insurance card would additionally allow an emergency room doctor to call the primary doctor and find out why he referred the patient to their emergency room.

“We want people who need emergency room care to have access to care immediately. The legislation’s goal is to dissuade patients from going to the hospital for a stubbed toe or bruised hand which results in long emergency room waiting lines and tend to drive up our already high health care costs,” said Adinolfi.

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