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Think Irene Was Much Ado About Nothing? Donate Some Unused Canned Goods And Water To Those Still Struggling.

August 31, 2011 by John Rook

How did you fare during Hurricane....ahem....Tropical Storm Irene? Any downed trees? Any structural damager to the house or garage? Have your power and cable back yet?
For the last three days, that's what everyone has been asking, and in Cheshire it seems the answers to those questions are mostly positive. While there was certainly a number of downed trees and wires in town (see tomorrow's Herald for pictures of what happened) it seems like most residents escaped with little damage. And while power outages have been the talk of the East Coast these last few days, Cheshire seems to be up and running. As of Wednesday afternoon, only one percent of residents were still without electricity, according to Connecticut Light and Power.
Yet, if you want to see a completely different scene play out, head down the road say, oh, 30 miles towards the coast and visit East Haven, Branford, Guilford, Madison, and the rest of the shoreline. Evidently, Irene had a particular target when it came to Connecticut, and that was it's shoreline. While more inland areas of the state were grazed by her fury, Irene unleashed on the coast and, even though the winds and rain never reached the epic proportions predicted by so many before hand, there are areas of the state that were decimated.
Mother Nature is fickle that way. A tornado can demolish one home while leaving its next door neighbor untouched. A hurricane can rip a shoreline in two and leave interior towns wondering what all the fuss was about.
In tomorrow's paper, along with the photos of the storm's aftermath and a recap of how Cheshire coped, there is a letter urging for those who prepared for the worst here in town to donate. It is a proper call to arms for volunteerism that takes nothing more than donating food probably no longer needed. If you bought more canned tuna fish, soup, and bottles of water than you could ever eat or drink in your life, find a way to donate it. There will be placed made available in Cheshire, and both radio and television news outlets are constantly providing information on where and when events are taking place. Hopefully, for everyone, the power will be back on in a few days, but for now people are in want of some fresh food and water. Whatever was in the refrigerator is long gone in terms of usefulness and, for many, even when the power is restored getting to the grocery store for items won't be easy or cheap.
This wasn't a disaster the likes of which the nation witnessed when Hurricane Katrina battered the southern part of the nation all those years ago. In a lot of ways Connecticut and the East Coast lucked out. However, there are people struggling. Homes have been lost. Water and food is somewhat tough to come by. If you can help make a difficult time for someone a little more tolerable, and all it costs is some canned goods you won't be needing anyway, why not help out?

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