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Everyone Is Asking, "Did You Feel The Earthquake?" Our Weird Weather Pattern And The Pool Bubble Are Discussed In Today's Edition Of Editor's Notebook

August 24, 2011 by John Rook

“Did you feel the earthquake?”
That was on everyone's mind Tuesday afternoon, after a 5.9 magnitude quake hit parts of Virginia. The affects could be felt as far as Maine, according to experts, and Cheshire residents certainly knew something strange had happened.
People reported feeling a shimmer or a swaying that lasted for only a few seconds, but it was unmistakable.
That, coupled with the fact that Hurricane Irene is currently careening up the east coast, possibly heading for the Northeast, makes for as interesting a weather pattern as we have seen in this region for a long time.
What it should remind all of us is that, when it comes to nature, you can never predict the future. Even now, with Hurricane Irene nearing Florida, meteorologists are conflicted as to what the storm will do in the coming days. Some are predicting that Irene will hit Connecticut flush, with her winds and rain pounding the area. Others are much more optimistic, stating their belief that Irene will venture further out to sea, leaving only the remnants of her power with which the state will have to deal.
No matter where you are, no matter how safe you think you might be, when nature gets angry, the only thing you can do is buy water, candles, canned food, and buckle up for the ride.

*There seemed to be a lot of worry over the Cheshire Town Council's true intentions when it came to the Cheshire Community Pool and its bubble. Despite the fact that the majority of Councilors had all but stated they wanted to replace the collapsed pool bubble with a new one, many believed the Council would ultimately move towards a summer-only facility. However, when it became clear that the Town's insurance carrier was ready to cover the costs associated with a new covering, the question of the bubble became when, not if.
Now, the task will be making this bubble more efficient than the last. The Town's decision to buy a new blower, which inflates the bubble, should help with that, as will the covering's installation, which most admit was flawed when originally conceived. However, the Town spends an inordinate amount on the pool each year, and unless that number comes down significantly, the facility will remain a problem for Cheshire, and a hotly-debated issue.
It would appear that the bubble has become the long-term solution no one believed it would be. Voters adamantly rejected the recommendation of the Council last summer to construct a $7 million OpenAire permanent structure and, later, many Councilors stated that they wouldn't be inclined to offer up any more costly solutions.
The belief was that the old bubble's shelf life was around two years old, so the Town was going to have to deal with the issue sooner rather than a later. Now, however, with new material going up, the Town should expect it to last for several years to come.
If energy costs decrease and a more pleasant environment is created (less mold and noise) then the collapse of the bubble in the winter will turn out to be a blessing in disguise. If, however, the same problems pop up, all that will change is a new generation will take up the old debate of what to do with the pool.

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