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School's Fast Approaching And The Cheshire Herald Has Just The Section To Help You. That And More Is Discussed In Today's Editor's Notebook

August 17, 2011 by John Rook

It seems hard to imagine but the summer for all intents and purposes, is about over. Next week will mark the last full week of August, and while the season doesn't officially change until Sept. 23 (the first day of autumn), the summer always seems to be at an end when the calendar turns. In fact, come Sept. 1, you'll probably be seeing some Halloween decorations pop up in local stores and the phrase “holiday season” won't be too far behind that.
The tell tale sign that the long, lazy days of summer 2011 are at and end is the beginning of another school year, which in Cheshire is scheduled for Aug. 29. As is our custom, The Cheshire Herald will be publishing our Back To School special section of the paper tomorrow, Aug. 18. It is filled with information on individual schools, the Board of Education, and, perhaps most importantly, bus routes. We hope you take the time to pick this edition up as it will help families with students just starting out in the district, or returning for another year, get a jump on 2011/2012. Included are also helpful articles dealing with first-day jitters and the role of technology in education.
Beginning another school year can be a stressful time for most, so getting the essentials out of the way early is a smart idea. But, it is also essential that families enjoy the last few weeks of summer. Before you know it, we'll be breaking out sweaters and heavy jackets.

*The trial of accused killer Joshua Komisarjevsky is scheduled to begin next month, yet the interest in this case seems to pale in comparison to that which surrounded his accomplice Steven Hayes last year. That would seem odd considering Komisarjevsky, unlike Hayes, had lived in Cheshire, had family in the town, and was known by many. It has also been alleged that Komisarjevsky was the mastermind behind the entire home invasion in 2007, which led to the deaths of three Cheshire women. Is it that people are burnt out? It has been four years now since the murders and Cheshire has had to live with those crimes ever since. People may just be worn out, incapable of expending any more time and energy on these accused killers.
Could it be that, after Hayes was convicted on all but one count and eventually sentenced to death, that people feel the same script will play out with Komisarjevsky? If people believe that it is unlikely that one would receive the death penalty while the other shown more leniency, then perhaps people feel the trial is simply a fait accompli.
Whatever the reason, the coverage of this trial has been tame compared to what came before. It will be interesting to see if that changes once the meat of the proceedings begins in earnest.

*Gov. Dannel Malloy is well into the second month of his “jobs tour.” President Barack Obama is on his own “tour” in the Midwest. Maybe, the best thing for the state and the country would be if both of them just stayed on tour for a long, long time. Given both of their economic “initiatives” over the last year, it seems obvious that the less they actually do, the better we will be.

*The Cheshire Town Council officially approved the installation of a new synthetic turf field, along with a new track, behind Cheshire High School on Wednesday of last week. Supporters had claimed from the beginning that, once the “ok” was given, ground breaking would take place a week or so later. Evidently, all involved couldn't contain themselves as ground breaking took place the next day. Talk about moving up the schedule. The final Council vote had barely been recorded when an email from the school district was circulated inviting all to attend a small ceremony before digging began.

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