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CHS Artists Display Year’s Work At Show

June 5, 2011 by John Rook

The east gym at Cheshire High School is usually reserved for sporting events but, on May 27, a group of art students took over the space to showcase what they had been working on throughout the year.
It was the AP Studio Art Show, an annual event at the high school that occurs a few weeks before graduation. The students in the school-DSC_0025.JPGhigh-level class display their creations they had been working on since September. Students displayed all 12 pieces on large boards and their classmates came and went throughout the day to see what they had made. There were even sign-in guest books at each station for their peers to write a few nice words. The students were dressed up and eager to show off their artwork throughout the day.
Senior Ashley Splain, 17, explained that the 12 pieces had to "fit together" in someway. For her subject matter, she chose the human body. Each one of her drawings was of different body parts. There were drawings of a woman's long flowing hair, a pair of legs, a face, eyes, and more. Splain said she wanted to show the body parts up close to highlight "the details and elegance of the body."
"It's simplistic, but complex," Splain explained about her pastel drawings. "I am proud of these pieces. There is mood and feeling in it."
Nearby, Kristen Kimiecik, 17, stood by her artwork. She chose water for her subject matter and her drawings showed how it affects so many things in life. There was a glass of water a person was drinking, a fish swimming in water, and raindrops creating life. It's essential for human life, a habitat for fish, and transportation for boats, she said.
"It's about water and how it affects the world. It affects us, animals, and all of nature," she explained. "Water is a grand thing. We all need it."
school-DSC_0014.JPGThe students had to submit five of their 12 drawings to the AP review board so not all the artwork hanging were original copies. Kimiecik said her favorite was the dew drops falling off a blade of grass that she created with pastels and water colors, but admitted it was hard to choose a top choice. She hopes to study graphic design in college and said she was "very happy" to have taken the art class.
"It was really hard, but I bonded with the rest of the class like a family," she stated. "It was a good class."
Splain doesn't plan to major in art when she enrolls in college this fall, but is happy she took the art class at CHS. She said she loves drawing because it's a great way to express yourself.
"It's a great hobby," she stated.
Elyssa Eisenberg, 18, decided to focus on emotions for her art project. Her 12 drawings, which were crafted from photographs she took of friends and family, showcased a range of feelings. There was happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, even boredom.
"It shows emotions via facial expressions," she said of her colored pencils and charcoal drawings.
Eisenberg won't major in art at college either, but she does plan to take as many art classes as she can.
"I won't make it my major, but I do love it, though," Eisenberg stated.

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