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Local Author Hopes Spirituality Brings Real Healing

April 24, 2011 by John Rook

Inspiration can come at any time.
Some find it in the wee hours of the night, while others see inspiration for creativity in the world around them.
For local resident Tara Critchley, inspiration for her first book came at a time of personal crisis.
About 15 years ago, Critchley suffered a severe back injury. The pain was so debilitating it forced Critchley to remain bed-ridden for six months. It was a difficult time, she admits, but one that offered ample opportunity for reflection.
A woman of faith, Critchley began to think more and more about how her religion could affect her health. Namely, how the principles learned in the Bible could, she believed, influence her own well-being.
Critchley’s back eventually healed, but the ideas spawned during that recovery stayed with her. Now, more than a decade later, Critchley has turned those thoughts into something concrete, publishing her first book, Antidote For Healing The Human Body Volume I: Uncovering The Spiritual Causes Of Sickness and Disease.
“One of the main points of the book is helping people take back responsibility for their own health,” said Critchley. “The way it is written, I believe it is simple enough to where it bypasses people’s heads and goes right to their hearts.”
Tara at Northshire Bookstore.JPGIn the book, Critchley focuses on the Ten Commandments, insisting that for each there is a correlating body part or condition to which it is connected. Understanding the messages of the Commandments can help people stave off illnesses, or fight them back once they come.
It is a spiritual message that does not focus on the science involved with medicine, Critchley admits, but it does offer an “alternative” for people looking to change their life and their health, away from hospitals and doctors.
“I have seen it work in my life,” said Critchley. “When you go through something, when you see a need for yourself, you then have a desire to help others.”
One of the main topics of the book is how behavior influences health. By changing one’s behavior, a person can improve how they feel.
“A lot of people don’t think about that at all, or that you need to change anything to experience healing, but that really gets at the core,” said Critchley.
The idea of the Scriptures providing a road map for good health may have begun with a back injury, but the construct of the book took many years to develop.
With a new-found interest in the subject, Critchley began doing research on the Ten Commandments, reading books and articles on the matter, to better understand her philosophy. Then, she began to relate her message and beliefs to others, receiving positive feedback throughout.
While working for a painting company, Critchley routinely met new clients, many of whom were or had been dealing with some kind of illness. At those moments, Critchley would explain her philosophy, offering spiritual advice connected to specific problems. Many people, she stated, were intrigued, and asked if there was a way to learn more on the subject.
“I saw there was a need,” said Critchley. “I believed people were interested.”
About two years ago, Critchley began the process of putting what she had learned, and what she believed, down on paper. She had tried to write a different kind of book years before, but it had been a slow, painstaking process. This time, however, she found writing more comfortable.
“[With] this one, I felt really inspired,” she said. “It was flowing so easy, I was actually amazed. I just stuck to the idea that I would write what I know.”
The book was published earlier this year. So far, the response has been positive, she stated; so much so that she is already working on a second volume and will begin a new book dealing directly with specific organs in the body.
The book has been an exciting journey for Critchley, and she hopes others find inspiration in what she has developed.
“For people struggling, there aren’t a lot of answers sometimes,” said Critchley. “I hope people can find some answers with this book.”
Critchley’s book can be purchased at or her website,


Very Inspiring!

April 24, 2011 by banksy01 (not verified), 5 years 48 weeks ago
Comment: 1660

I'm glad to hear Critchley was able to get her book done...I remember hearing about her starting on it. Very inspiring to hear about her story.


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