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CHS Had Chance To Be A Part Of MTV Reality Show Pilot

April 6, 2011 by John Rook

Cheshire High School may have missed out on an opportunity to be a part of a reality television show this year after a former Cheshire native and current television producer failed to connect with administrators at the school.
Adam Kaloustian, a CHS graduate and a producer for such top-rated shows as The Biggest Loser, was working on a pilot for a new MTV reality show that would involve local high school students. While Kaloustian could not divulge the specifics of the show, since it has not been confirmed it will air, he did say it will involve dancing in some capacity.
“I just thought to myself, why not my old high school,” said Kaloustian, reached for comment this week by The Herald.
According to Kaloustian, he sent an email to CHS Principal Kevin Ryan explaining the show and his desire to involve the school. Yet, he never got a response.
“It's television; 99 percent of people are over the moon to do it, some people don't want to do it,” said Kaloustian. “When I didn't hear back, I moved on. I knew there were plenty of high schools that were excited to do it.”
Kaloustian stated that he was perplexed as to why he never received an email back about the proposal, even if it was to turn down the offer.
“It would have been nice to get a courtesy email, even if it was just to say 'hey, this isn't for us,'” said Kaloustian.
Ryan, for his part, states he does not recall the email and, had he seen that it was from a former student, he would have responded.
“I definitely would have gotten back to him,” said Ryan.
However, Ryan did admit that his first reponse when inquiries of that nature are made is to ignore the request.
“When we get those things from radio or television to run contests, I just don't even respond. I believe those sorts of things take away from the academics,” said Ryan.
Even if Ryan had seen the email, he doubts his decision would have been different.
“I certainly would have contacted him, but I can't imagine it would have made a difference in my decision,” he said.
For Kaloustian's part, he is not upset by the situation and called it “no big deal.” While he admitted he found it odd not to receive any response, he also understands why the town in general would be hesitant about such exposure.
“I think, with all of the stuff that happened before (with the Petit murders in 2007), they might be gun shy about exposure, and I understand that. They are probably worried they might have gotten bad publicity,” he stated.

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