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Blue Denies Another Defense Motion, No Word On Location Change

February 25, 2011 by John Rook

There remains no word on whether the trial location for accused killer Joshua Komisarjevsky will be moved from New Haven Superior Court, but the judge presiding over the case did rule on another important motion Thursday morning.
Judge Jon Blue ruled that prospective jurors would not be allowed to see photographs of the victims in the case or other graphic crime scene photos. Komisarjevsky is accused of killing Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her two daughters, Hayley and Michaela, during a 2007 home invasion in Cheshire. Steve Hayes, who was similarly charged, was convicted late last year and sentenced to death. The prosecution is looking for the same result for Komisarjevsky.
The defense had argued that potential jurors should be shown the graphic photographs during the selection process, arguing that it would clarify whether emotions would cloud a juror's judgement. Prosecuting attorneys had fought the motion, insisting that there was no clear idea as to what photos may or may not be used in the actual trial and that showing such evidence at that stage of the process was unusual.
Blue concurred on Thursday, saying that showing such photos would be inappropriate at that time.
The jury selection process is scheduled to start next month, but defense attorneys have inudated the court with a series of motions, many of which have already been denied or dismissed. The defense team had sought to remove Blue from the case, stating that he had shown bias during the Hayes trial, and had also hoped to limit Dr. William Petit's access to the jury selection process. Dr. Petit, husband of Hawke-Petit and father to Hayley and Michaela, was the sole survivor of the attack.
Both of those motions were denied, as was another to prevent representatives from the media to use electronic devices to post on the social networking site, Twitter, during the trial.
The largest issue remains the defense request to move Komisarjevsky's trial out of New Haven and to Stamford. Attorneys for the accused murderer have insisted that a fair trial is impossible in New Haven and that it would be more likely the court would find impartial jurors in a different location.
There is no word as to when Blue will make a ruling on the venue change motion.

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