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Flight 93 Deserves Its Memorial. The Maddeningly Long Road Towards Its Completion Is Discussed In Today's Editor's Notebook

September 7, 2011 by John Rook

One can make the case that the first battle in the current War on Terror didn't begin on some desolate strip of land in Afghanistan but, rather, a couple of thousand miles above Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001.


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January 8, 2012 by DunnoKLM, 5 years 11 weeks ago
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Nice to be here. Thanks for great forum.

Think Irene Was Much Ado About Nothing? Donate Some Unused Canned Goods And Water To Those Still Struggling.

August 31, 2011 by John Rook

How did you fare during Hurricane....ahem....Tropical Storm Irene? Any downed trees? Any structural damager to the house or garage? Have your power and cable back yet?

Everyone Is Asking, "Did You Feel The Earthquake?" Our Weird Weather Pattern And The Pool Bubble Are Discussed In Today's Edition Of Editor's Notebook

August 24, 2011 by John Rook

“Did you feel the earthquake?”
That was on everyone's mind Tuesday afternoon, after a 5.9 magnitude quake hit parts of Virginia. The affects could be felt as far as Maine, according to experts, and Cheshire residents certainly knew something strange had happened.
People reported feeling a shimmer or a swaying that lasted for only a few seconds, but it was unmistakable.

School's Fast Approaching And The Cheshire Herald Has Just The Section To Help You. That And More Is Discussed In Today's Editor's Notebook

August 17, 2011 by John Rook

It seems hard to imagine but the summer for all intents and purposes, is about over. Next week will mark the last full week of August, and while the season doesn't officially change until Sept. 23 (the first day of autumn), the summer always seems to be at an end when the calendar turns. In fact, come Sept.

How Much Government Is Too Much Government? That And The Loss Of A Local Journalist Are Discussed In Today's Editor's Notebook

August 10, 2011 by John Rook

Thomas Jefferson was a complex and brilliant man, whose contributions to American history, and his own contradictions when it came to some of the most basic issues of his time (slavery, power of the Presidency) still have historians debating until they are red in the face.

Is There Anything "New" About Chris Murphy? That And More Is DIscussed In Today's Editor's Notebook

August 3, 2011 by John Rook

The debt ceiling debate is over and it appears that the predicted disaster for the ages has been avoided. If there is such a thing as political genius, it showed up over the last two months. Somehow, both Republican and Democratic politicians convinced America that the best thing possible for all of us was to allow the government to put the country into further debt.

Will Turf Field Benefit All? That And More Is Discussed In Today's Editor's Notebook

July 27, 2011 by John Rook

Tonight, the Town Council will hold a special public hearing about the much-debated artificial turf field. Unless something drastic happens, the field project will move forward and the grass and soil that is currently in place behind Cheshire High School will be removed to make way for more modern surface, which is billed to be much more durable.

Is 350 New Inmates Worth Some Extra Money From The State? That And More Is Discussed In Today's Editor's Notebook

July 20, 2011 by John Rook

If you've ever thrown a rock into a river, you know what a ripple effect looks like.
From that one point of impact, small waves pulsate outward until it seems they stretch into infinity, or at least until they reach the shore.
That's what Connecticut's budget debate is causing in Cheshire.

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