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Youngster’s Creativity Helps Cancer Cause

October 3, 2010 by Josh Morgan

Waiting in her father’s office on a random afternoon last year, Cheshire youngster Emily Candal was looking for something to keep her busy.
She located a stack of her father’s business cards, so she turned them over and began to draw on the blank slate. As time passed, she began looking around in a few boxes that were strewn about, as her father was packing up his office to move to a new location. In one of the boxes, she found old magnets and an idea popped into her head.
What if she drew designs on business cards, attached them to magnets, and gave them to friends and family?
It was a great plan Candal, 9, thought, but she never could have realized where this fun little project would take her.
“I love to color and be creative, so I came up with the idea of love magnets,” Candal explained. “There are a lot of different designs.”
One card has red hearts in the four corners and the word “Love” in the center. Another has “I love you” written across the top, as a lone red rose sits below it on green grass. Yet another magnet has “Love” in big red box letters across a rainbow of other colors.
The fifth-grade student at Highland School began making the magnets for her family, and her parents encouraged her to keep making more. Then, in the fall of last year, Candal came up with the idea to “sell” the magnets at a local craft festival, with the proceeds going to charity. For Candal, only one thought came to mind and that was to help children stricken with cancer who are being treated at the Yale Cancer Center.
“I picked cancer because I was reading a book about therapy dogs that work with cancer patients,” Candal recalled. “It felt nice to give that money to a cancer charity.”
Candal created roughly a dozen different magnet designs and made hundreds of magnets to sell at the holiday festival. She said “a new thought came to me every second” when she was coming up with ideas for the colorful and meaningful magnets.
She was able to buy peel-and-stick magnets so the process of attaching the business cards to them was not too daunting a task. She was pleased with the results and what started off as a fun project for her family will now have a meaningful impact on people Candal has never met.
Candal was able to raise over $1,000 for the pediatric cancer center at Yale, which she never thought was possible that first day when she was just keeping busy at her dad’s office. In the future, Candal is taking the magnets of love idea and running with it. Besides creating more, Candal said she is thinking about making T-shirts with different words and phrases that she can again sell and turn the money over to charity.
For now, though, Candal is just happy that she was able to put her creativity to good use and help those who need it most.
“It made me feel really happy to help those children,” Candal said. “I know that money will help them buy toys or even medicine. It felt good to help out.”


It really nice to here that

November 18, 2011 by Jkets, 5 years 18 weeks ago
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It really nice to here that our young generation is aware of all this situations. I would like to appreciate her creativity which she have done. This will be very useful for the Cancer causes. Very well done Candal.

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