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Journalism can never be silent: that is its greatest virtue and its greatest fault. It must speak, and speak immediately, while the echoes of wonder, the claims of triumph and the signs of horror are still in the air.

- Henry Anatole Grunwald

The Cheshire Herald is a community newspaper, designed as a venue for townspeople to share their hopes, their dreams, and their achievements with one another.

For over 50 years, The Cheshire Herald has provided residents with local news coverage on issues that directly impact their daily lives. To assist us in our efforts, we encourage community members to e-mail us their story ideas, photos, press releases, and local events to enhance our content.

Thoughts From The Cheshire Herald Editorial Staff

My original foray into journalism seemed, at the time, to simply be my personal nod to practicality. Instead of pursuing the unknown of fiction writing, I decided instead to become a journalist — a seemingly more stable profession that provided the opportunity to pay a bill or two. But during my career in the media, I have learned one very important thing: the most interesting and provocative stories are always true.
My greatest professional joy has come from telling the uncommon stories of common individuals. Each community is filled with the fascinating tales of residents who, with no concern for fame or fanfare, have taken it upon themselves to try and make the world a better place. Some of those residents achieve great success while others might fall short of their expected goals, but each time their story is told it serves notice that such good deeds and righteous intentions are not always dismissed or ignored.
I will never regret my decision to enter journalism and I will always be proud to be a part of a profession that, when performed at its highest level, helps make the world seem like a more personal and open place.

- John Rook, Editor

An acute case of “writer’s envy” (those who can’t write become editorial assistants) led me to The Cheshire Herald — that, and a lifelong love for words and pictures, and how they cannot only inform a community, but also reflect its personality. Helping the editorial staff craft a useful, readable, and attractive newspaper is very gratifying.

- Ellen Jarus Hanley, editorial assistant

Growing up I never knew what I wanted to be — besides maybe a rock star, astronaut or professional athlete — until I took my first journalism class at the University of Connecticut. The responsibility of reporting the news and telling a person’s story seemed to click with something inside of me. Journalism is a job I can honestly say I truly love. You never know how your day is going to begin or end and the stories are always different. Add that to the fascinating people you get to meet on a daily basis and I can say journalism is a field in which I hope to remain for the rest of my life.

- Josh Morgan, general news reporter

I’ve always had a passion for sports, and journalism is a special opportunity for me to put people into those games and let them experience those moments. I started writing for my college newspaper and have learned the value of descriptive writing. Little details can carry a sizable impact, when writing a feature story and being able to truly capture the essence of a person.

- Greg Lederer, sports reporter

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