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  • Old Home Fabric Mills Store To Become Dollar Tree   7 years 23 weeks ago

    Honestly, I think this is the worst idea the town of Cheshire has had in a while. Dollar Tree's are mainly in low-class areas in low-class shopping centers. I'd love to see the hearing when this got approved, having the members of the town say those are the types of people they want to attract to our town. Congradulations, we are going to have more low-class shmucks in the center of town increasing the crime rate. Seriously, what a great idea! In all honesty I hope it fails within the first month because it is just an embarresment. I thought I lived in a town with some self-respect; I guess I was wrong. A little food for thought, how do you people think they get most of their products for so cheap? Answer: foreign countries that are ruining our economy, use child labor, are communist, basically everything awful. In conclusion, before you people make a decision for the town, how about you think for a second.

  • Old Home Fabric Mills Store To Become Dollar Tree   7 years 23 weeks ago

    I am a huge supporter of small, local, and family business ventures and I love our community here in Cheshire. However, during these economic times I don't know anyone that couldn't use a bargain. Furthermore, I don't think a store that sells common household items at a discount price changes the status of our town, at least no more than the McDonalds next door or the correctional facility just up the road.

  • State Debate Over Death Penalty Stirs Emotions   7 years 23 weeks ago

    This is what America is all about. It seems Craig Hoffmann doesn't care if Mrs. Esty has morals or a constitution. Cheshire elected a decent & honest person to office, not a puppet to be intiminated because he voted for her and she just can't bring herself to vote for something she doesn't beleive in. Hat's off to Esty. It is all our responsiblity to listen to our conscience and not political clout.

  • Old Home Fabric Mills Store To Become Dollar Tree   7 years 24 weeks ago

    South Main St is officially becoming Queen St. An "upscale dollar store"? It shows to everyone that still has an illusion that Cheshire is a relatively affluent town what outside entities think of us. We have nickled and dimed our budgets, stripped our schools, and now we have become something none of us want.
    The larger disappointment comes from the editor of the Herald who stated that a dollar store is good for Cheshire. Maybe it is time for another new editor with more respect for our community.
    Perhaps Cheshire Economic Development Coordinator Gerald Sitko may recall a store in the Cheshire Shopping Center that tried a similar tact, but didn't quite make it.

  • Old Home Fabric Mills Store To Become Dollar Tree   7 years 24 weeks ago

    So, the Dollar Tree is a good idea? Are you kidding me? I now believe Cheshire is officially hitting rock bottom. It is also appalling to me that The Herald will promote this on the front of the paper as well as support it in its editorial. Guess what? It is a bad idea for Cheshire! How about the local papers spend some time promoting the locally owned businesses that are left! I’m sure the Dollar Tree is going to do wonders to help fund raiser for all our local causes…not! Why don’t local businesses survive in Cheshire well let’s start with the Herald!

  • Old Home Fabric Mills Store To Become Dollar Tree   7 years 24 weeks ago

    There goes the neighborhood!

  • A Letter From Dr. William Petit   7 years 25 weeks ago

    Dear Dr. Petit,

    Words cannot adequately express the shock, sorrow and complete outrage I felt when the news broke about what those two useless, filthy, vermin did to you and your family. I am so deeply sorry for the loss of your lovely wife and absolutely precious, beautiful daughters. They are gone and we all are left with the usual. What a sad state our society is in now.

    I have always wondered if a horrific crime were to happen to any of these abolitionists, would they still sing the same old song? I think not. Even as a young girl, I would hear about horrible crimes and think to myself, " I hope they get the death penalty so they cannot hurt or kill anyone else." As a child, I naively thought murderers who were sentenced to death actually WERE executed. I never could grasp WHY they were not immediately executed? Why were people saying that it costs more to execute someone than to keep them in prison for life? WHAT??!! That simply does NOT make any sense.

    I believe the death penalty would be a much heavier deterrent if executions were carried out within three months after sentencing as long as there is no question whatsoever that the accused is quilty such as in your case. Once they are executed, they can no longer inflict any kind of harm ever again, period. I for one would love to see all law-abiding citizens
    STAND UP, SPEAK OUT, and FIGHT BACK for JUSTICE and for what is RIGHT and MORAL.

  • A Letter From Dr. William Petit   7 years 27 weeks ago

    Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and your beautiful family. I cannot believe it has been 670 days and counting and there has still been no justice in this horrific case! I have subscribed to Google Alerts so that I might know when something has finally been done concerning those murderers as I no longer live in CT. TX seems to find a way of dealing with this subject. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice has quite a web-site concerning this issue.

    Give me a break, these cowards were caught fleeing, where is the justice?

  • Morris Mixes Humor With Hard News During Visit   7 years 28 weeks ago

    Having It Both Ways

    Several months ago Cheshire police raided a massage parlor that was operating in the back rooms of a manicure establishment. The manicure shop has reopened “under new management” and sans massage, but apparently business isn’t exactly booming. We don’t tolerate that sort of thing in our town.
    More recently Eliot Spitzer, Governor of New York, was forced to resign after it was revealed that he regularly used the services of a call girl, which these days is defined as a prostitute who takes credit cards and has a web site, during trips to New York City and Washington DC. He quickly disappeared from view but is currently attempting to raise his public profile as an occasional political commentator. Which brings us to Dick Morris.
    For those of you who don’t remember Dick Morris, he was Bill Clinton’s pollster and chief political advisor until he was caught in bed with…, you guessed it…, a call girl for whom it turns out he was a regular customer. The two most memorable things about his trysts was his proclivity for sucking her toes as well as his habit of letting her listen in on telephone conversations he had with the President of the United States. After his departure he turned against the Clintons and has made a full-time job of Hillary bashing, going to the extreme of writing an entire book refuting a book which she wrote. Unlike Gov. Spitzer and out local manicure parlor, he did not alter his habit of seeking professional companionship. As recently as 2007, he was on the list of the “DC Madame” as one of that outfit’s high rollers. That has not prevented him from being a regular commentator on Fox News, the network which so regularly gets it wrong that it has by far the highest percentage of viewers of any network who falsely believe that Iraq was responsible for 9/11 (For you Fox viewers, Iraq was in no way involved in the 9/11 plot.).
    So I found it very curious that, of all people, Mr. Morris would be invited to a local church in town to dish out his view of the world in general and the Obama administration in particular. Mr. Morris is one of the frenzied right wing mob that is screaming from the rooftops, or rather the studios of Fox News, that President Obama is a socialist whose goal is to dismantle capitalism and turn us all into economic slaves. It is ironic that a Christian church would have such a rabidly antisocialist guest speaker. After all, didn’t the first Christians share their possessions and live more or less in self-imposed…socialism?
    I guess there must be a new brand of Christianity since the church which invited him carries a prominent ad on its home page for a book about becoming wealthy by following Christian principles. On further investigation, however, it seems that those principles are actually Jewish ideas, or at least that’s what John Muratori, the pastor who invited Mr. Morris to town says in his article in The Voice which you can read online at:
    The Voice proclaims its mission to be “Advancing Christian Life and Culture” and it devotes its Winter issue to the evil Democrats (see the menacing cropped photos of Obama, Pelosi, et al on the cover) who are hard at work “dismantling capitalism.” Pastor Muratori’s article entitled “Thriving in a crisis economy,” he advises us Western-thinking Christians to think like Jews. On page 34 he states:
    “Today, Christians are facing panic and fear, wondering if they will survive this unstable
    time, while at the same time Jews are praising God for the opportunity to thrive during this
    economic crisis, as they have done in previous periods.”

    He goes on to say that this explains why for centuries Jews have always achieved fiscal superiority in any country they have settled in. This is very dangerous thinking. If such statements were coming from the mouth of an anti-Semitic agitator, they would show just how fine the line is between purported admiration and Kristallnacht. Indeed, the Nazi movement persecuted Jews on exactly the same grounds that the good pastor says he admires them. I would be very wary of this man as I am of all men who mix religion and politics. After all, all it took for Dick Morris to switch from working for Bill Clinton to despising him was getting caught with someone else’s foot in his mouth.

  • Expert Warns Teens And Parents Of Alcohol’s Danger   7 years 31 weeks ago

    It is pretty hard to catch teens when the teens bedroom is being used as a party place or gangout. The teens some how get the liquor from their parent's supply bring it to there rooms and offers it to their friends. the parents do not count the bottles or contents. Next thing that happens is another teen mom calls to speak to her daughter, but the teen doesn't come to the phone. Then the mom goes to that house to pickup her daughter and is ignored by the parents who own the house. After 20 minutes of calling, beeping the car horn goes into the house because the parents won't answer the door. The parents let the dog loose to jump on the mom, who somehow askes where her daughter is? The mom is instructed to go up into the teens bedroom and find out. After running like hell from the dog up two fleets of stairs, finds her daughter passed out on the floor. The other teens just sitting on the bed dumb faced and says" She must have food poisoning". The mom says" thanks for having the decency of informing me she was sick!" Of course being sarcastic. Carries her daughter down the two fleets of stair on her back, at which time the daughter is saying " I don't know waht happened to me". Mom brings her to the hospital. The daughter has alcohol poisoning and has been sexually assaulted. She calls the police to investigate and the teen hostess and her parents say the drunk girl stole the liquor and knew nothing about it. Meanwhile two other teens tell police that the teen hostess gave it to all of them, but that girl got sick. No arrest. The teen hostess's parents tell the police that they will not press charges on the drunk girl for stealing the liquor. Next day the hostess's mom calls the sick girls mom to tell her that her daughter is not welcomed anymore and not to come on their property or she'll be arrested.
    On the contrary, the police ought to have arrested the parents and all the other 5 teens up in the bedroom. Police say because the drunken teen was 18 and the hostess 16, that the 18 year old should not have allowed it to happen. Police say that the teen hostess told them that she did not tell her parents because she didn't want to get the drunk girl in trouble.So what is wrong with this incident?

  • Gafney Continues Family Tradition Of Service   7 years 34 weeks ago

    We're so PROUD of you. A huge thanks to all of our Military Men and Women and their Families, who sacrifice so much for this great Nation of ours. You are in our prayers always. Stay well and safe.

  • Police Search For Cheshire Academy Student   7 years 41 weeks ago

    This youth is not unlike many teens his age. They seem to be unable to understand that discipline or having adults help correct their shortcomings and mature into a reasonable adults isn't that faraway. They run because they know what they did or going to do is wrong, unacceptable, unethical or immoral, but they still want to because they are impulsed by emotions, hormones rather then logic to convey what they're thinking. To achieve their goal of independence, to be uninhabited, free! They venture out on their own. After that taste of freedom, reality hits them that they are not accomplished enough to make their own way in society. They still need help in being civilized. They steal, deceive, ask strangers to help them. Criminals use them in all ways and they find themselves tricked or fooled. Hopefully, this brings them back home. Home where there's a clean bed to sleep, good food, warmth physically, emotionally and intelligently. How much damage have they caused for themselves and for loved ones? Who's fault is it? Chalk it up and pray for comfort and their safety.

  • Bozzuto’s Seeks Approval For Helipad   7 years 41 weeks ago

    CT's Black Hawks that flyover are noticed by their sound, enjoyed by children and most folks in knowing we are protected. Huey's have a distinctive sound like an slowed down eggbeater. We always look up to see them. What is wrong with aviation or helicopters? Nothing in my opinion. Life Star could use this new helipad, which is a plus for all town folks. Those complaining about Bozzuto's helipad and helicopter use don't seem to be complaining about chainsaws heard throughout the year? Let's face it, if the Eurocopter EC 135 is within FAA regulations who are we to say it is a danger? The chance of anything going wrong with a helicopter is remote compared to the danger of a prison escape, noise from tractor trailers, motorcycles, sirens, garbage trucks or any aircraft flying over crashing or a terrorist attack. Those opposed are making more noise, interference and causing such confusion toward this wonderful asset and capitalism.

  • Pool RFP Solicits Suggestions   7 years 42 weeks ago

    I don't envy the amount of time that has been spent on what will be best for the future of the pool. However the park and rec must do a better job in getting the word out on all the positives of the pool. The image of the pool use to the general population only appears to be the "swim teams". Now the people in the know realize this is a small percentage but the general population reading the newpapers only get what is printed. The facts are many and these facts must be presented.
    If a poll were to be taken the loudest opposition to the pool are from people who have not even set foot in the pool. Talk to any person and question them on the facts and they really don't understand the history or what has been done in the past or what is to be done in the future. Please get the facts out to the public, especially if the public is to make any future decisions like referendums . thanks

  • Pool RFP Solicits Suggestions   7 years 42 weeks ago

    How will the public be enlightened to ALL the facts / proposals/discussions on what has been done to improve the pool situation so as logical and educated discussions can follow. Most of the reports have been just negative ones in the past. It should be presented with the history and a time line from the beginning to the present and as well as the future.

  • Napoli Responds To Neighbors’ Requests   7 years 47 weeks ago

    Ohio DOT uses transparent noise barriers when visibility is an issue

  • Local Woman Extricated From Vehicle   7 years 50 weeks ago

    This website is a nice feature to be able to get news between the weekly editions.

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