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  • Residents Protest Petit Murder Book At Library   7 years 22 weeks ago

    I cannot imagine a worse agony than that of a father losing his wife and child. I did not read about it, in any media, at any time, and I will not read the book. I would advise that no one else read about the crime. But the loss, and the pain, are forever, and the initial frenzy of news did not cause that, or change it, nor will a book. There will eventually be a dulling of the pain, a chance to breathe, a plodding continuation of life. To suggest that a book about the deaths, a book that has been requested by some of us, now be suppressed is unacceptable. We trust our libraries to make available a wealth of reading material, a collection that none of us might have in our homes. It will include materials that none of us would want in our homes, but which we accept in a democratic and tolerant community. We will all be better for that tolerance and choice.

  • BOE Candidates Square Off At Forum   7 years 22 weeks ago

    I had a great time reading around your post as I read it extensively. Excellent writing! I am looking forward to hearing more from you.

  • Residents Protest Petit Murder Book At Library   7 years 22 weeks ago

    My book has been read by a number of Connecticut residents, yet not all libraries chose to purchase it. It is truly the librarian's choice. That choice should reflect the sentiments of the community, especially in circumstances such as these.

  • Board Seeks Money From Council   7 years 22 weeks ago

    Anyone else think its wrong that Florio gets paid by us the Cheshire residents, but resides in Newington??? Who approved that one??? I didn't realize that the Board of Ed worked for the Superintendant.

  • Council Split Over Turf Grant   7 years 23 weeks ago

    Shouldn't it be more important that the children don't have to deal with the health risks of an unsanitary locker room? It seems like many in this town feel its more important to have their kids running around on new turf than keeping them healthy. Sounds to me like another sterling example of how many people in this town are all style and no substance. If it were me, I would be more concerned that my kids weren't getting a respiratory infection from the locker room to go with the staph infection from the field. It seems that people are concentrating on the installation of the field and not the maintenance of it. Given that there is already a maintenance issue with the locker rooms, how will the school afford the maintenance issues that go along with a turf field? The locker room conditions affect more students than the turf would.

    Another consern with the astroturf field is the actual athletics conducted on the field. The question should be, how many of these students are going to go from this turf field to a turf field at a university? And, of those students, how many will go from the turf field of a university to a turf field as a professional athelete?

    As an example, I believe that over half of the professional football teams don't play on turf. The NFL players association wants to do away with the turf because of the number of injuries that are associated with playing on turf. This is just one example.

    Perhaps the school should consider moving some of the games to the other fields I drive by in this town.

    Another question for everyone should be why has it taken the ad-hoc committee almost two years to research the health risks or perhaps lack thereof? If there is that many activities on the field, then half way through the playing season, why not just resod the field like they do in pro football. There are enough turf farms around here, I'm sure they would be more than happy to put in a bid.

    It sounds like no one has really done a cost-benefit analysis. I hoped that we learned a few hard and expensive lessons from the town pool construction. It sounds like this town is aiming for another hard and expensive lesson with astroturf.

  • Delay At Pool Forces Officials To Explore Alternative Sites For Activities   7 years 25 weeks ago

    I tend to agree. Our town lacks accountability. Who did the original specs for this project anyway? We need a performance audit of all town offices.

  • Town Plans To Finish Manhole Project By End Of The Week   7 years 25 weeks ago

    Good job for completing it. Well, i hope you will also update us about the few spots that they need to fix. Looking forward for that. Thanks!

  • Delay At Pool Forces Officials To Explore Alternative Sites For Activities   7 years 25 weeks ago

    I'll donate the first 1,000 yards of fill needed to start filling in the pool. Milone and the Town Council are not getting the job done. Neither one of them will step up and take responsibility for the poor management of this facillity. Why do we hire leaders that cannot lead? It's been one short-sighted, selfish decision after another. We have spent enough "band-aid" money on this pool since it's inception that would've paid for a world-class, year-round facility that Cheshire residents would be proud to call a landmark. Instead, the pool represents the skidmark that is Cheshires' lackluster leadership.

  • Board Seeks Money From Council   7 years 26 weeks ago

    The Town Council voted for this...democrats and republicans alike led by Sheldon Dill. Additionally, Mr. Florio supported the recommendation of putting the contract out to bid. It's just good business to have competitive bids on contracts and the town has been doing this with all contracts. This is nothing new.

    As much as some folks would like to point the finger and make it political, there's a deeper issue that's not being addressed here. General town-wide mismanagement and it's mismanagement that caused the DATTCO contract to come in higher this year. Why did the BOE wait until March to approach the town council with a bid waiver? The bidding process, especially for large contracts such as these, requires time for bidders to respond. The contract was sent out to bid in April, the BOE received the bids and chose DATTCO in May....didn't notify the council about the increase in cost until last week, 4 months later...In the meantime, the Town Council didn't bother to check in with the BOE on the bidding process nor offer support either.

    Sorry folks, that's just wrong and poor management. The bid process should've started much sooner but it didn't. Hopefully, both the BOE and Town Council has learned from this mistake and realize that they must work together and put aside petty riffs/differences that helps nobody but hurts everyone. Simply digging deeper into taxpayer pockets and shelling out $200K does not fix the root cause here.

    Stop the finger pointing, for a change, step up and accept responsibility. I'm sure I'm not alone in town when I say that I'm sick of the finger-pointing. Time for results, not childish arguments. Taxpayers can no longer afford mismanagement and mismanagement seems to know no political boundaries here.

  • Board Seeks Money From Council   7 years 26 weeks ago

    Your article on the bus contract failed to mention that it was the Republican minority that was responsible for the failure of the bid waiver, by a 4-4 party line vote. (One Democrat was absent.) So, if Alan Sobol is worried about friction, he might better take it up with the RTC.

  • Pratt And Whitney To Close Cheshire Plant   7 years 26 weeks ago

    Unions and lawyers are getting paid. Pratt has to move CT is to expensive and profits are greater down south, WHY? because they don't have leeches. Common sense.

  • Cheshire Youngsters Learn Art Of Drawing From Cartoonist   7 years 27 weeks ago

    I am also very much interested in drawing cartoon characters,but it is something for which there are very few people to teach the art of drawing cartoon just like Rick Stromoski,it is because people had never taken cartoon making as a art ,they juts make of fun of them and no body has never appreciated the cartoonists and this art,thats why we have just very few professionals and training institute in this industry.

  • State Offers $100 Million To Retain Pratt   7 years 28 weeks ago

    why keep paying these money grabers, who allways use this tasatic ( we will move to sinapore ,japan, korea. go !!!& let WASH,see about sending defense work OVERSEAS, its OUR tax dollar that pays their bill , what is our reps ,here & washington doing ,beside, covering their butts.& makeing up the reasons to give themselves .a midnightpay rise while seniors get nothing for the next 2 years , they have`t been buying food latelyto notice the increase ??????

  • State Offers $100 Million To Retain Pratt   7 years 28 weeks ago

    In these economic times, saving any jobs is a positive step in the right direction. Hopefully the efforts of the State and the Machinist's Union will not be wasted.

  • Officials Prepare For Possible Effects Of Swine Flu   7 years 29 weeks ago

    I know of a program all schools should implement. My daughter learned this great program called Germy Wormy Germ Smart at pre-school. It teaches kids to understand how germs spread and how to NOT spread them. It was so much fun for her, and amazing how quickly the kids learned healthier hygiene habits!

  • New Orleans Students Helped By ‘Teach For America’ Volunteer   7 years 29 weeks ago

    please correct your erroneous view of the Flood of New Orleans.
    I would love to post this article on my blog and share it down the line, but cannot get past your mistake on the Cause of New Orleans' Flood 8/29/05.
    It was NOT Katrina, but the failures in 53 locations of the flood walls and levees built wrong by the US Army Corps of Engineers.
    They even admitted this in open Federal Court.
    It was NOT a Natural Disaster but a Man Made Disaster --paid for with your Tax Dollars.
    Down here where it happened we are beginning to call such Spin: "Katrina Shorthand".
    Unless and until you correct your wrong view, I will continue to shove your aggregate information flow to the back of the bus.
    Please help us Stop The Katrina Lies.

    Thank you,
    Editilla~New Orleans Ladder

  • Local Law Firm At The Center Of Supreme Court Case   7 years 30 weeks ago

    This attorney Richard Roberts really knows how to shovel it. God knows what he billed the city of New Haven for years and he thinks its great that a case he had got to the supreme court. How bout paying the city taxpayers back for the all the money it took for you to lose the case? And it sure sounds like BS for Roberts to say the city's motivation was so pure - the city's motivation was to deny deserving white firefighters promotions they had earned and pander to the minority lobby. Far from pure, it was pure evil.

  • Police Chief Wants Help In Effort To Collect Unpaid Parking Tickets   7 years 32 weeks ago

    I called the cheshire p.d. about cars parked on kings rd or no. brooksvale rd. in the a.m. when driving to norton school. the parked cars hold up traffic and everyone knows that if it's only for 30 seconds or 1 minute it is troublesome. sitting behind the parked car waiting for the on coming traffic to pass then pulling around to continue doesn't seem right. The police said there was no parking ordinances and that there was nothing they could do about it. So where are the parking tickets coming from? the town parks?
    As with other towns, if tickets are not paid the registered owner can't re-register their vehicle. So what is the extra expense or charge about? I say, if this town wants to make $ do it by helping the flow of traffic by not allowing vehicles to hinder the flow when the road isn't wide enough to continue without having to wait behind the parked car, which actually is in the driving lane. New town ordinance signs for certain roads where the parked car is obstructing traffic.

  • Local Law Firm At The Center Of Supreme Court Case   7 years 32 weeks ago

    Law and civil procedure need to be tempered with common sense too. And it stands to pave the way for other disputes to be resolved correctly.

  • Local Law Firm At The Center Of Supreme Court Case   7 years 34 weeks ago

    This guy lost the case and has now exposed New Haven to millions of dollars in consequence and he's bragging? Sounds like he's bending over backwards in exaggerating his role in the Supreme Court process - what an ego.

  • It’s Harvest Season For CSA Shareholders At Boulder Knoll   7 years 35 weeks ago

    Here in Madison WI CSAs are thriving. We even have an umbrella organization that coordinates with local health care providers who offer healthy-eating rebates to help defray the cost of CSA membership. They also raise funds to assist low-income families who want to eat fresh, local food. Learn about how this works in Madison, with an eye to getting something like this going yourself at
    Healthy eating for all!
    Denise Thornton

  • Council Mulls Over Future Plans For The Pool   7 years 35 weeks ago

    I have to agree with Mr. Grave. It's time to make the pool a seasonal facility. All these proposals are way too much money; especially in this economy. Many people do not even use the facility. Before the pool was built we were sold a bill of goods by the town council. We were told membership would sustain the pool. I knew that was nonsense then. The library is a public service, it does not have to sustain itself. WE should not have expected the pool to do so either. There was a rush to say anything to get the pool approved and built. Now were are paying the price for the costly bubble and the shoddy workmanship. It''s a shame, people are tired of it. It's time to make it a summer pool like they have in Wallingford.

  • Council Mulls Over Future Plans For The Pool   7 years 35 weeks ago

    Anyone with a shred of common sense can only reach one obvious conclusion: the pool is not feasible as a year round facility. If opening just for the summer will not lose hordes of taxpayer money, then that is the way to go. The bubble has burst , the mold has grown old , it's time to let go and move on. I will not charge a consulting fee for this advice,although it is better than any of the expensive studies the town has paid for. Would anyone want the Town Council running their business?
    Fred Grave

  • Old Home Fabric Mills Store To Become Dollar Tree   7 years 37 weeks ago

    I don't know what all the fuss is over the Dollar Store. Just because the newspaper said in these economic times it's not that bad of an idea.

    Oh! That's right...we are in Cheshire,we're all a better class than shopping at a Dollar Store. How come I live in Cheshire, and shop in Shop Rite, and Walmart in Wallingford and see guess what...Cheshire residents.

    A bargain is a bargain. Doesn't mean I won't shop at other local stores. As long as the place is clean and they pay their taxes I will check out the dollar store too. The fact remains the store has been vacant for a year, and nobody in this economy bit. How long did you expect the owners to wait to rent it?

    To those doubters, get over it.

  • Morris Mixes Humor With Hard News During Visit   7 years 38 weeks ago

    I find it ironic that someone would lace a letter to the editor with misinformation and opinion and title it “Truth”. If that’s not disingenuous enough, he throws in accusative words like “Anti-Semitic” and compares a well respected and accomplished Pastor/Author/Consultant to the Nazi Movement. Is that the pursuit of truth or the advancing of a personal agenda?

    This response is nothing more then an irresponsible and unfounded rant, exactly what the writer accuses Fox News of doing. I would be very wary of anyone who attempts to publicly smear someone like Mr. Muratori without a shred of evidence of impropriety.

    As someone who actually attended the event and Mr. Muratori’s church, let me present unpolluted fact as truth, so that readers are not poisoned by exaggerated and unbalanced commentary from safetydoc.

    Fact: Calvary Life Family Worship Center is a healthy, growing church with a desire to see communities changed for the good, and to see America return to the moral values that made it great. This mission is evident by its community outreach programs—five this summer alone. In each case people are fed, given gifts and directed to churches in their area. In addition, CLFWC operates an extensive in-patient drug and alcohol rehabilitation program for individuals from around the state and the tri-state area. Please see

    Fact: Pastor Muratori is considered an expert in Hebraic teachings, and is well respected both within the Jewish community and outside it. His teachings are Biblically sound and accurate and he travels extensively to teach not only at other churches, but also at business forums . This spring he was the guest of prominent officials in Mexico and over four hundred pastors who came great distances to hear what he had to say. He is well-respected by governmental agencies and political leaders both nationally and abroad. In fact, he was asked to testify before a sub-committee of Congress on the benefits of the type of rehabilitation model he has developed. His book is a well-written, Biblically balanced text on the topics of money and economics, and has received national acclaim from church leaders, educational institutions and the business community. Obviously, the person who wrote the uninformed letter to the editor has not read the book or he would know that it is anything but a “get rich quick” book. In fact, it is quite the opposite, using principles of hard work, integrity, generosity and honesty to develop the ability to handle money properly. But he wouldn’t know that because he “assumed” the content rather than doing any real research.

    Now for my opinion:

    The argument that Christianity and politics shouldn’t be mixed is ridiculous. I applaud a church willing to have their moral and ethical principles be heard and considered by those making political decisions. To disconnect moral considerations from politics is absolutely illogical. This type of thinking has led to the removal of the Ten Commandments from our schools and courthouses. Please explain why “Thou Shalt Not Lie” needs to be separated from politics?

    Regardless of your opinion of Mr. Morris, he is a highly sought after political analyst and a NY Times best-selling author. Apparently, some people believe he has something to say. As was explained at the event, Mr. Morris’ presence was to inform the public and field questions that are on the minds of many people concerned about the new liberal leadership in America. It was not an endorsement of his character, but his analysis of the political climate in America.

    I am appalled that the word “truth” is associated with such uninformed opinion. and how recklessly someone would attempt to destroy a person’s good name. If your game is simply to throw stones and defame public leaders, I suggest you stick with Mr. Morris, because Pastor Muratori is way out of your league.

    By the way, if you are wary of a man that would mix religion with politics, then I guess you would be wary of Jesus Christ who saw no problem with the connection.

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