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  • Florio Proposes 5.09 Percent Increase   6 years 11 weeks ago

    Comparing the increase to inflation is comparing apples to oranges. If you want the details of what makes up the 5.09 increase, take a look here:

  • Florio Proposes 5.09 Percent Increase   6 years 11 weeks ago

    Not sure how we stay level with last years budget with a 5.09% increase when inflation forecasts are 3% or under. To me this does not make any sense.

  • Local Family Hoping Playing Cards Help Find Their Son   6 years 14 weeks ago

    I've been fighting this fight for my missing loved one and the voiceless for 26 years! My mom, Mary Badaracco, of Sherman,CT, vanished from her newly renovated dream home in 1984. I will say that although this has been a true DAYmare for my family to endure, as well as all the other families of the missing, We know someone knows something that can solve each of our cases ! This card program renews our hope! I have been blessed to have met some truly amazing people along these very ugly front lines, one such couple is Mary and Doug Lyall of NY State, whose daughter Suzanne disappeared in 1998. The strength of these parents is an inspiration to me. They hold a beautiful yearly event " NY Missing Persons Day" each year in honor of their daughter and the missing in which Ive attended a few. They've also erected the Eternal Flame Monument,and produced a deck of these cards for NY State. Things I only wish I could do here in CT. My dream is to create Memorial Parks in each city where a loved one has gone missing or has been murdered, yet, I would'nt even know where to begin to make that happen! About 3 years ago, this is where I first held a deck of these cards in my hands, of course,it was a NY deck - but I was very inspired. I, then tried to talk to anyone that would listen regarding bringing this brilliant idea to CT! As well as others Im sure, because an idea this good needs to be in every state, in every prison, with alot of hard working heroes to make it happen ! I just want to say that I am both very honored and proud that my mom is the Queen of Hearts ! Officials have stated there are approx 400+ unsolved cases here in CT. Out of all those cases, only 52 were chosen by a handful of heroes<3 Which is why I refer to my deck as the BLESSED 52 ! Just in case I missed thanking anyone at the press conference, I would like to personally THANK everyone that had a part in making this project a reality here in Ct!

  • A Letter From Dr. William Petit   6 years 15 weeks ago

    After seeing you and hearing your story on Oprah, I thought of the story of Job in the bible; how he lost everything -- all! The only difference was his wife was still living. To me she just as well should have been dead because she told Job to curse God and die. The bible tells the story of someone who experienced tragedy before our time. You are someone who an awful tragedy has occurred while I am still alive. I don't know how others and I cannot say I know how you feel, but I can say God is still the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow! Everything Job lost was restored, and I am praying and believing that God will do the same for you. You are a man of God! Your belief in God has deterred the enemy's plan to destroy you completely. I know its hard for you, but God left you here for His own divine purpose. Fall in love with God thanking Him daily for your life and that your family is in Heaven with Him and the four of you will be reunited one day. Allow others to embrace you with love allowing you to heal. I know without a doubt we can still SOAR in spite of tribulations, heartaches, pain, and yes tragedies. In this world we suffer trials and tribulations, pain, tragedies and heartache, but be of good cheer because Christ has overcome the world. Yes, you CAN love again! Yes, you CAN smile again! Let the joy of the Lord be your strength. God blessed you to become a doctor that you would bless others. Someone in this world needs Dr. Petit! Ask him to give you the strength to continue to fulfill the purpose that He has for you in the earth! Let your memory of them urge you to minister to others. In Ministry of "His" Love, Jessie

  • Student Athlete Behavior Policy Questioned   6 years 18 weeks ago

    In the same statement, the parents say that don't condone underage drinking, but then want the board of Education to listen to the story. It is not a surprise to the student, they know the consequences; drinking or just being around their drinking friends, condoning their behavior does not make them unaccountable. These kids represent the town to other towns and no coach in their right mind would want to be known as the party team. Don't go to parties where they serve alcohol. If your not driving, maybe your understanding parents can come get you.

  • Students Upset Over Alleged Comments Made By Adinolfi   6 years 19 weeks ago

    It is disappointing that Mr. Adinolfi did not show common courtesy to these young people who got involved and were exercising their right to expressing their thoughts and position.

    I will consider this before I support him again.

  • Hayes Gets Death Penalty On All Six Counts   6 years 19 weeks ago

    Yes, it is odd that Ullmann would work against his client, Hayes', wishes. We'll see how this turns out.

    If Ullmann and Hayes are sincere, in Hayes welcoming execution, Hayes will be filing a request that his execution be advanced as quickly as possible, that he fully agrees with the sanction imposed by the jury, that there are no grounds for appeal and no appeals will be forthcoming, that he deserves death for his horrendous crimes, that he has already scheduled a psychological exam, which will determine his ability to make this decision, that no attorney has the right to fight these efforts, that he hopes that his execution will be viewed as some type of justice for these crimes and that the lack of his appeals will be of some benefit to the loved ones who have lost so much.

    If Ullmann can't do as his client wishes, and assist in expediting Hayes execution, he should resign.

    If Ullmann and Hayes are being insincere, it would be just more insult to injury and no surprise.

  • Hayes Gets Death Penalty On All Six Counts   6 years 20 weeks ago

    Article states: "Thomas Ullmann, one of Hayes' defense attorneys, said that his client "was thrilled" with the verdict because, from the beginning, he had hoped for suicide by state. He said Hayes got what he wanted and believed the harsher sentence would have been life in prison without parole. Ullmann added that he would be appealing the verdict."

    Shouldn't this attorney be working towards his clients wishes - perhaps disbarment is in order for this schmoe

  • Union Workers Attack Caligiuri For Lack Of Support In Pratt Dispute   6 years 20 weeks ago

    How many "millions" did the union make from the overpaid puppet workers. If they, and I hope they do, close the plant, these overpaid morons would be lucky if they could get a job bagging groceries.
    It's disheartening that the town of Cheshire residents will pay the price because of union control in industry, that has caused the demise of many jobs because of greed.
    They can join their brothers in the uaw for a picnic.

  • Trial Of Accused Murderer Hayes Begins   6 years 20 weeks ago

    Evander1129..Thanks you for your words..After reading all the hate for the Cheshire police about this case..I found yours and it's all I wanted to say..I wrote almost the same to the Herald when the horror started..I live in Florida and have for 20 years but still keep up with the town of Cheshire..

  • Police Search For Cheshire Academy Student   6 years 22 weeks ago

    Unfortunately, the behavior of an individual as a minor often gives society a glimpse of what that person may someday grow to become. In the case of many young adults who make poor choices, we often excuse the behavior as that of impulsive youth. Strikingly however, a large number of youth who begin criminal behaviors at the ages of 14, 15, and 16, develop into full-fledged criminals with which our society must contend. There are many victims ahead who may accidently cross paths with these teens who grow to become hardened criminals. It is also frustrating that the crimes these people engage in before they turn 18 years of age, are "excused" and "forgotten" by our justice system. At age 18, these individuals have a clean slate and can start anew terrorizing our world. I have no mercy for individuals "dabling" in drugs, theft, rape and kidnapping just because they are teens.

  • A Letter From Dr. William Petit   6 years 24 weeks ago

    Dr. Petit, if any good at all has come from this most horrific of events, it is that the world has seen in you the proof of the strength, nobility, and grace of which a human is capable. Watching you endure this for the sake of the family which meant everything to you renews my faith in humanity and fills me with the strength to bear my own burdens, so very, very minor compared to yours. I pray that the ordeals which still lie ahead of you with these trials will pass as quickly as possible, that the penalty for which you fight will be given, and that eventually you will find some modicum of peace and happiness once again. You are a hero to me and to many, and I hope all our prayers and good wishes for you will help somewhat to help you survive and overcome a burden greater than God should ever inflict on anyone. You have ensured that Jennifer, Hayley and Michaela will never be forgotten, but will live in many hearts forever.

  • A Letter From Dr. William Petit   6 years 24 weeks ago

    I have just recently learned in the news about this terrible event that happened to you sir. I just wanted to take this opportunity to say how sorry I am for this. I can't even begin to imagine where you find your energy to continue on so graciosly. I pray for you that you will find peace yet in this very life. Again, I am so sorry for this!

  • Trial Of Accused Murderer Hayes Begins   6 years 25 weeks ago

    Your comment "the police did catch the criminals and they are standing trial". If I am not mistaken, didn't the criminals run into them? Literally?

  • Trial Of Accused Murderer Hayes Begins   6 years 25 weeks ago

    Your comment about the police chief standing by, and how he should be fired. Well they did do something to him...They promoted him!

  • Trial Of Accused Murderer Hayes Begins   6 years 26 weeks ago

    These two men deserve death. They deserve to sit in prison with fellow inmates that can have their way with them on a daily basis then die by a public hanging. That being said, there are a few other institutions that need to be mentioned - the media is one of them. If the media didn't give so much attention to people shouting about police brutality, maybe the police would have more balls to stand up to criminals. AND a justice system that won't stand behind law enforcement, makes prosecutors have to spend hours and hours going over every minute detail and the criminal still goes free (OJ Simpson) MEDIA. Watch the Law Abiding Citizen to see the real point - things must change. stop negotiating with criminals and go after them. Don't let the lady at the bank who's attacker is waiting for her in the car even get back to the car without an escort to nab the guy. People need to stop watching Jersey Shore and start talking about ways we can help our communities and get rid of scumbag rapists, murderers, pedophiles... If we are a nation don't stand up than what Mr Petit is doing will mean nothing. Every time I think about what happened to his family I am brought to the verge of tears for him and for other families who have suffered losses like this needlessly. I for one do not want to let this fall by the wayside.

  • Trial Of Accused Murderer Hayes Begins   6 years 26 weeks ago

    I am at a loss how we can blame the police for this tragedy. The only people to blame here are the two criminals on trial and I only wish they get the death penalty. The police had no idea what was going on inside that house when this happend. Most hostage situations are long ordeals with communication on both sides. These two men panicked when they realized thet Mr. Petit escaped and killed 3 innocent people to avoid getting caught. Though tragic I am not sure how the police would have been able to prevent it. If they stormed the house and the same thing happend people would say why did they do that they should have waited and got a grasp on the situation before going Rambo. Somethings in life can't be stopped no matter how much we would like to belive we could. The police have a very difficult job and they did catch the criminals and they are standing trial. I am sure that if the police knew what was going on in that house they would have handled things different but hindsight is 20/20 and we need to stop pointing fingers at anyone but the two animals that did this.

  • Trial Of Accused Murderer Hayes Begins   6 years 27 weeks ago

    I too am absolutely astounded by the police department's apparent inaction to avoid such a horrific tragedy. Nothing will bring a mother and two daughters back, but I sincerely hope that the police department is held accountable.

  • Trial Of Accused Murderer Hayes Begins   6 years 27 weeks ago

    As a observer from afar I am at a loss to understand how the police dept.
    allowed this to happen. That these acts of horror ocurred while your police
    dept was outside the house is beyond the pale. And why is this police
    chief still employed How can he sleep at night?????

  • Hayes Defense Motion Denied   6 years 28 weeks ago

    i would love to get my hands on them. I would have doctors on hand to revive them as I tortured them for weeks on end, amputating them inch by inch, make it take weeks just to saw them apart inch by inch, injecting them with amphetamines so they stay awake the whole time. Just a few strokes of the hack saw a day.
    I hope the publicity the lawyers get ruins their careers just like OJ's lawyers were destroyed and they end up practicing in the Arctic circle

  • Taylor Abelli   6 years 28 weeks ago

    I think the original response was cut off. But just to echo what I may have said, we appreciate all you do for cheshire sports and for the athletes after they leave and move on in college. It is nice to see how you keep up with all you have going on. We are really fortunate to have you as our reporter, you go above and beyond.

    Continue the great work. I know you readers love what you do as well as the athletes you feature.


    Rick and Jackie
    Parents of Taylor Abelli

  • Jalowiec Wins GOP Race For Probate Judge   6 years 32 weeks ago

    Congratulations to Matt Jaloweic on his victory in the Cheshire/Southington probate court judge primary. Also a thumbs up to Woody Dawson and the other Republican Town Committee member for having the backbone to stand up against the other members and pick the more experienced candidate. Are those other committee members even in touch with the people of this town? Had any of you been an employer of a company, would you hire Mr. Bowman over the other candidate who is extremely more qualified? I don't think so. So why did you do this to the citizens of Cheshire? Shame on you all. This is not the position for on the job training.
    Good luck Matt, you took the bull by the horns, now go on and defeat the "questionable" current judge.

  • Hayes Defense Motion Denied   6 years 33 weeks ago

    I have always been outspoken and against the death penalty. I'm a rather old graduate student in Criminal Justice. I bought that slime ball's book that Josh helped write. This case is important to me, not only because of Dr. Petit's grief but because these men took delight in their actions. Since I cannot imagine any redeeming qualities or mitigating circumstances in either of them, I agree that they should be put to death. The Petit family suffered cruel and unusual punishment; why should these two monsters be spared? The fact that this bill abolishing the death penalty was sitting on Governor Rell's desk at the time is ironic to me. I resent the money being spent to house them and feed them and all the appeals that will last 15 or 20 years. Dr.Petit, I realize that your world crumbled but you have to move on and let yourself love and be loved again. Your precious family would have wanted that for you. I've watched the snafu's in this case and appreciate your frustration but after they have both been sentenced to death, don't go to all of the appeals because you will have to relive that awful day over and over. Believe in the criminal justice system to work.

  • Boulder Knoll Barn To Be Taken Down   6 years 35 weeks ago

    There are full dismantling techniques and also hybrid techniques where some conventional demolition is used like large equipment, but carefully so that significant portions of materials can be saved even if the building cannot be fully dismantled by hand. The training / education and publicity possibilities are there...
    The materials should be assessed by someone who knows the local market and usability of the materials. Future materials and building needs at the farm should be analyzed. Even if the barn ends up being demolished at least participation in the assessment process would make everyone feel as if they did everything they could. But materials assessment for reuse is the starting point, and decisions made that include the possibilities of recycling and reuse and the avoidance of waste production. ( unpainted wood can be composted instead of where we usually put demolition waste -on trucks and trains to be buried in another state.)

  • Boulder Knoll Barn To Be Taken Down   6 years 35 weeks ago

    As for the barn demolition, even if it appears only worth demolishing and throwing away, the following should be considered:
    1) The materials should be assessed for reuse potential by someone who knows the market/ application possibilities of the materials.
    2) The cost of demolition can at least partially offset the cost of dismantling.
    3) There is a great learning/ training opportunity for those that participate in the deconstruction and reuse process.Positive publicity. track carbon units saved, etc.
    4) materials may be reusable on site ( used unpainted lumber is great for raised beds,old barn wood is great for building sheds and barns, etc.)
    5) How much waste will be generated by conventional demolition versus hand dismantling ( this is driven by the result of the assessment of materials.)
    6) What uses could the barn materials have now in the future at the same location.
    7) What is the replacement cost if a barn is needed in the future ?
    8) Even if the barn ends up being demolished, having all people involved go through the process of an objective assessment, considering reuse and recycling, is worthwhile.At the least they can feel like they examined every possibility themselves.
    9) We also use hybrid deconstruction techniques whereby conventional demolition techniques ( big equipment) are used more carefully so that a significant portion of materials may be saved even if there are structural issues so that it cannot be completely dismantled by hand.

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