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  • Check Out Scene From Cheshire's Relay For Life Event   5 years 40 weeks ago

    Thanks for posting the photos from this year's Relay. It was nice to see everybody having a good time for a great cause. For those who have never attended you can see that the participants enjoy the camaraderie with others who are all raising money for cancer research.

  • Check Out Scenes From Memorial Day Parade 2011   5 years 42 weeks ago

    Thanks for uploading the video. The memorial day is dedicated to veterans who showed passion in serving their country. The day is devoted to honor their excellent dedication and service. To supplement everybody with additional information, a somber Memorial Day 2011 at Arlington National Cemetery in VA was interrupted by an unlikely group of counter-protesters, states CNN. Hours before the president began his annual address from the Tomb of the Unknowns, members of the Ku Klux Klan and Westboro Baptist Church challenged each other. Remarkably, no violence or arrests occurred.

  • Wildcats Secure Another Second Place!   5 years 45 weeks ago

    Great games girls !! You worked very hard.

    You played very well "Grandaughter Mia"

    Love ,
    Gram & Gump

    Love the pictures !!!!!

  • Farm Group Gets New Lease   5 years 46 weeks ago

    Thank you Bob Giddings and other Friends of Bolder Knoll. Food security is an important part of building a community today and for the future. I know this is a very small portion of the farm land up there but as the cost of energy, weather related problems and commodity speculation are increasing the cost of the fresh food in the supermarkets we will need an alternate resource to secure that healthy food is within reach. Bravo! Our town needs your foresight.

  • Local Author Hopes Spirituality Brings Real Healing   5 years 48 weeks ago

    I'm glad to hear Critchley was able to get her book done...I remember hearing about her starting on it. Very inspiring to hear about her story.


  • Grange Gets A Personal Look At Birds Of Prey   5 years 48 weeks ago

    I encourage anyone to see this show as Mary Beth Kaeser and Alan Nordell always do a spectacular job. When I was in my teens they used to bring their shows to the Nelson's Family Campground during Pau Wau events and it was a real treat.

  • Council Set To Cut $1.8 Million From Budget Request   5 years 49 weeks ago

    Based on Schrumm's comment that there may be successful conversation with the teacher's union I assume their may be some concessions on the unions part. If this is the case, where is the shared sacrifice from the Council that they have talked about in order to pass superintendant's budget to keep the school funding the same as last year? To me that would mean that the town may have to share the funding by perhaps a little higher taxes and perhaps even taking some money from the reserve fund that seems to grow each year.

  • Marksman’s Interest Enhanced By American History   5 years 50 weeks ago


    Thank you very much for publishing our interview. It was certainly a moment of pride to be nominated as an instructor, and then getting to share that with our community. I am hoping in the future I can share some of the heritage in a non-marksmanship setting, perhaps at the Cheshire Library, if folks are interested. Of course if folks want to learn everything, then has all the details!

    I have just returned from Battle Road, between Concord and Lexington, Massachusetts. What a moving experience, something I recommend for everyone, particularly since we are only 2 hours drive away.

  • Milone Proposes Four Percent Increase In Spending   5 years 51 weeks ago

    I agree, but when I commented on this I was told that it isn't a pay raise. It reflects the increase cost of Health Care. As if Health Care is not a pay raise. Our government officials are blind to what is going on. They think they are entitled to what ever they want if they can spin it correctly. The first order of business is get what they can and then they'll think about the tax payers. All those benefits our elected officials have e.g. health care, pensions, pay raises are locked in forever. We can never get them back. To appease us they go after the union and make them pay for our elected officials benefits. I think all cuts should be made across the board. That is if they have the courage.

  • Law Change Could Be “Devastating” To Cheshire, Slocum Says   5 years 51 weeks ago

    The HB6606 bill -- as implied by the title and is made clear in the bill text -- would apply only to redistricting and would not apply to funding. A different bill, SB1193, would also apply to funding, but that aspect of that bill did not receive much support at the hearing. I testified on the bills as the leading national expert on the political and financial effects of the Census Bureau's prison counts, and I testified that separate from whether changing funding distributions was desirable, there was serious question as to whether it would even be possible to use the limited adjusted redistricting data set to redistribute federal or state funds.

    Much of the opposition to the bills at the hearing focused on funding, that's true. But the HB6606 bill does not apply to funding and would only ensure that all residents of the state got the same access to legislative government regardless of whether they lived next to a prison.

    In fact, this principle has already been enacted by the citizens of Enfield. When that Enfield last drew its town council districts, Enfield refused to use the prison populations to give extra influence to the people who lived next to the prison. I believe, but am not yet positive, that Cheshire did the same.

    HB6606 will not effect funding, but it will put the state's redistricting practices in line with common sense.

  • Milone Proposes Four Percent Increase In Spending   6 years 1 week ago

    I agree- what this town needs is a tax cut, not an increase. Malloy is going to kill us with new taxes. We have too many town employees-a 10% cut would do nicely-same for BOE- get rid of all the vice principals and half the administrators-the position of secretary hardly exists in indusry-yet we have about 30-40 in the boe-and class sizes should be about 25-30 , not 14 as it averages at Cheshire.

  • Milone Proposes Four Percent Increase In Spending   6 years 2 weeks ago

    When the average resident of Cheshire gets a 4.1% pay increase then I'd be OK with raising the budget. Sometimes the folks running town government don't realize that not only do they want their increased pound of flesh but so does the oil company to heat my home and car, the town sewage rate which goes up every year, CLP to supply electricity, all insurances plus a huge increase in grocery expenses. The town should be looking to cut expenses not increase them when the average tax payer has less to spend. It's ironic that the town is looking for salary increases instead of freezing pay. If the arguement is that the salary increases are due to already established contracts, maybe we should find a town manager that negotiates better contracts on behalf of the average taxpayer.

  • Suzio Wins 13th District Senate Seat   6 years 4 weeks ago

    A nine term democrat doing something illegal? Why I've never heard of such a thing.
    Hey Len - Do the right thing and tap the welfare queens and Unions for their share this time and tell Commrade Malloy to leave the working man alone!

  • Flashback! Stine wields her racket for Lady Rams   6 years 5 weeks ago

    Photos by Allen Paul

  • Flashback! Stine wields her racket for Lady Rams   6 years 6 weeks ago

    Photos by Allen Paul/The Cheshire Herald

  • Waverly Tavern Closing After Nearly Two Decades   6 years 6 weeks ago

    Sad to see it is closing. It was where I went to my Senior Prom and then the Bicentennial Ball with my Uncle. Holds a lot of fond memories.
    Beverly Gumprecht

  • Waverly Tavern Closing After Nearly Two Decades   6 years 6 weeks ago

    This is sad to see the Waverly name exiting the Cheshire scene after all the years. What does this leave the town for retirement parties, showers, post funeral gatherings, and numerous other events. Where are we to get our weekend prime ribs?
    I guess we should have patronized them more often but it's too late now.

  • Snow Storm Causes Collapse At Cheshire Community Pool   6 years 9 weeks ago

    might be considered an act of God and not covered---who knows

  • Snow Storm Causes Collapse At Cheshire Community Pool   6 years 9 weeks ago

    never wanted the pool in the first place---went once and wound up in the ER with a bad asthma attack from the heavy chlorine and mold. Looks like Mother Nature did what the voters could not do

  • Plane Crashes In Cheshire   6 years 10 weeks ago

    Reports by the pilot the engine was sputtering...just a thought, could that possibly be water in the fuel? I notice it appears the wing may not have much dihedral and it may be possible water could go undetected during the pre-flight. Not at all familiar with this particular aircraft but very familiar about a lack of positive detection of water in many General Aviation Aircraft i.e. Cessna. Very simple to confirm if water might be involved by performing a real world test on any aircraft. Pour a given amount of red dyed water into the fuel tank as the aircraft sits in its normal ground attitude. Go to the sump drain to see if you can positively detect and then eliminate the same amount you just poured into the fuel tank. If it works go fly!

  • Snow Storm Causes Collapse At Cheshire Community Pool   6 years 10 weeks ago

    Our family uses the pool quite often through the year and we really enjoy it. I'm saddened about the collapse. We've been in Cheshire for 12 years now and have been very happy. The town has much to offer and the pool is a big part of it, I hope it is open to the public again soon.

  • Snow Storm Causes Collapse At Cheshire Community Pool   6 years 10 weeks ago

    I agree and also voted against the pool, it is expensive and not resident friendly. I tried to move but unfortunately, still live here.......

  • Snow Storm Causes Collapse At Cheshire Community Pool   6 years 10 weeks ago

    When I lived in Cheshire, I had a sign in my yard during the Republican push for the community pool.....

    My signed said "VOTE NO ON THE POOL....DON'T DROWN IN DEBT"...

    Seemed I was right....I am sooooooooooooooo glad I left this little weird town.....

  • Snow Storm Causes Collapse At Cheshire Community Pool   6 years 10 weeks ago

    Please I hope the town have the insight to have insurance on this.

  • A Letter From Dr. William Petit   6 years 10 weeks ago

    Dr. Petit, over 40 years ago my family suffered a terrible tragedy. My then 15 y.o brother accidentally shot and killed our 16 y.o. brother in our home. I watched my parents suffer this horrific tragedy in near silence. My mother NEVER spoke about it, even years afterwards, when our father had passed on. When your tragedy occurred she seemed to identify with you. I've seen her, now in her late 80's, watch you any and every time you're on television. She watches you with the most tender, loving, attentive face I've ever seen. She observes you closely and always comments on your state of mind........... "He's beginning to look alittle better and he sounds some better." she happily yet quietly stated after your appearence on Oprah. For the very first time I was able to engage her in a discussion about our loss by talking about you and your pain. She stated, "I can only imagine how hard it must be to lose everyone you love..............I lost one son but I could not talk about it for fear of losing my other son."
    Dr. Petit, even through the pain of your loss you are "Healing" others. Be strong and of good courage, you may yet see God's purpose for your pain.

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