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  • Class Of 1972 Preparing For Reunion   4 years 30 weeks ago

    I already posted a comment concerning the incorrect reunion date..can't seem to find it though. The CHS Class of 72 reunion is on Sept 15 Saturday night..not the 18th. Any questions and you can email me:

  • Class Of 1972 Preparing For Reunion   4 years 30 weeks ago

    Got the graduating year correct but the reunion date is Sat Sept. 15th. If you've any questions please email me at: Thanks..

  • Not Too Early To Start Planning For Chamber Golf Classic   4 years 40 weeks ago

    proceeds of the tournament will go to the Chamber Scholarship Program.

  • Promotion, Graduation Ceremonies Planned For Next Week   4 years 41 weeks ago

    "Dodd Middle School — 9:45 p.m." I assume this is a typo for Dodd, shouldn't it be 9:45 a.m.?

  • Check Your Health: Lyme Disease — Know The Symptoms And Treatments   4 years 41 weeks ago

    Simply reducing deer numbers to natural levels, without any other actions of any kind taken, can eradicate Lyme Disease. See:
    As reported by Gail Collins in The New York Times 5/31/12, Paul Curtis, extension wildlife specialist at Cornell University, says that to get the tick population down to a reasonable level, “you need deer densities of 6-8 deer per square mile or less. In the urban-rural fringes of many large metropolitan areas it’s not unusual to have densities of 100-200 deer/square mile.”
    Studies in Connecticut and elsewhere have shown that decreasing the deer population results in a decrease in the incidence of Lyme Disease: (see pages 2-4)
    In Bridgeport CT, lowering the deer population 74% resulted in a 92% decrease in nymphal deer ticks. In Groton CT the deer population was reduced from 77 per square mile to 10 per square mile, and the Lyme Disease incidence decreased by 83%. This is because the adult deer ticks require a large mammal to reproduce. Smaller mammals like mice can host the smaller larvae and nymphs, but these come from the eggs laid by the adults. Killing the deer stops the cycle.

  • Ecke Steps Down As CHS Head Football Coach   4 years 44 weeks ago

    Good luck coach. This is underserved as you did what most fathers would have done - defend his son. I'm sure the Nancys on the Board of education would have sat back and let things happen and good people suffer because of their lack of purpose.

    You should be commended!

  • Check Your Health: What Are The Symptoms Of Prediabetes And What Should You Do?   5 years 2 weeks ago

    many times, I had heard that pre diabetes can be cured. This is true because proper precautions and diet will make it possible to cure pre-diabetes. The information given in this post will definitely be helpful to the people learn more about pre-diabetes and how to cure this. Early treatment on pre-diabetes will help to cure diabetes.

  • Suzio Promotes Gas Tax Cap Idea   5 years 5 weeks ago

    This article states that you are going around trying to convince the voters that we need a cap - stop - no one needs convincing and a gas cap is not nearly enough but you already know this - we need this tax removed after all we have the highest gas prices in the country - that is quite a distinction - you need to do more and not that silly gas tax cap.

  • Officials Ask All To Respect New Turf's Rules   5 years 7 weeks ago

    With the new turf field, how will participants who stay overnight at the Relay For Life be able to set up tents if tent stakes are prohibited? Will Relayer's be limited as to what kind of food and beverages can be brought?

  • Komisarjevsky Wants To Speak In Court   5 years 9 weeks ago

    Can't think of anything this creep could say that anyone would want to hear.

  • Flight 93 Deserves Its Memorial. The Maddeningly Long Road Towards Its Completion Is Discussed In Today's Editor's Notebook   5 years 11 weeks ago

    Nice to be here. Thanks for great forum.

  • Youngster’s Creativity Helps Cancer Cause   5 years 19 weeks ago

    It really nice to here that our young generation is aware of all this situations. I would like to appreciate her creativity which she have done. This will be very useful for the Cancer causes. Very well done Candal.

  • Environmental Group Awards Suzio A Perfect Score   5 years 19 weeks ago

    Other Cheshire representatives also got perfect scores, but none are mentioned here. If this is supposed to be a news item and not a Suzio press release, its failure to mention any other local legislators - particularly Rep. Adinolfi, whose record regarding the safeguarding of Cheshire's environment earned him the sole failing rating among any of them - makes it incomplete and biased.

  • A Letter From Dr. William Petit   5 years 19 weeks ago

    Dear Dr. Petit:

    I saw a rerun on Oprah of you today, and just felt so much for what you are going through. I am close to your age, and just know that the loss of your precious wife and children has proven such a horrible situation in lives in which there was everything wonderful to treasure. I believe your situation will focus attention on the lack of support for victims and their families. The lack of consideration by allowing folks to be on death row for so long after committing violent crimes which destory peoples' lives is horrible. It is so unjust that the victims and their families are victimized again by this horrible justice system. I am praying that your situation refocuses people on the importance of protecting families from evil such as you encountered.

    I think of you often, and always pray that somehow you will once again find some happiness in life. I am glad you have your family to support you, and hope that someday you may find peace once again. Your story is a reminder that it is everyones' responsibility to protect family. There should not be lengthy prison sentences for evil heinous crimes. Quick justice should be a responsibility for crimes such as your family experienced.

    I hope time will bring you the peace you deserve.

    Love and prayers.


  • Editor's Notebook: Death Penalty Opponents Offering False Arguments   5 years 22 weeks ago

    The Petit murders sickened me, and I can't fathom the desolation that Dr. Petit feels over the loss of his family. I also have no sympathy for the murderers. I also think the state shouldn't be in the business of killing its own citizens. The state, acting ostensibly in the interests of its citizens, would be guilty of premeditated murder -- just like the murderers themselves -- and it would thus relinquish any claim to the moral high ground. It doesn't matter what your motives are. Everyone has lost in this case -- from the destruction of a beautiful family, to the fear instilled in a community, to the cold reminder that personal safety is sometimes a matter of chance or bad luck and not something one can always control. From a practical standpoint, you could argue that putting someone away for life would be an even greater punishment than death -- condemned to living out the remainder of his life behind bars, having to watch your back at all times for being a child killer, having daily reminders of what you did to get there. If you're a Christian, your hope is that they turn to God, since she doesn't view any of her creations as being beyond redemption. But in this case, I'd be more than happy to subsidize their lifetime incarceration.

  • A Letter From Dr. William Petit   5 years 26 weeks ago

    Dear Dr. Petit,
    I am sorry for your tragedy, and that it is still in the news.
    Mike Hawrylik and myself remember playing against you, while at Aquinas, and Coach Dehm lead Plainville High.
    I was proud to see you went to Dartmouth then on to Medical School. I attended Western New England College in Springfield on a basketball scholarship. I graduated from college with a degree in Mathematics and went directly into the Marine Corps. I also served in Iraq and retired in 1996. Basketball in the Marines was second rate compared to those we played against in central Connecticut.
    I remain personally devastated over your tragedy. Your daughters and wife are looking down on you from heaven.
    If there is ever anything you need, just ask. My email address is part of this profile and HQMC also knows how to find me as a retiree.
    You are guaranteed to enter heaven now. Tell the Marine at the gate you know me. They will escort you to your wife and daughters.

    Captain Rory M. Walsh USMCR (Ret.)

  • Time For Americans To Say "Thank You" To Those Who Have Kept Us Safe   5 years 28 weeks ago

    Well said and so very true. Unfortunately, too many people have forgotten 9/11 and take the precautions that were put into place after the attacks for granted. Now is not the time to be lax, strong leadership from the top is what this country sorely lacks.

  • Time For Americans To Say "Thank You" To Those Who Have Kept Us Safe   5 years 28 weeks ago

    Well said and so very true. Unfortunately, too many people have forgotten 9/11 and take the precautions that were put into place after the attacks for granted. Now is not the time to be lax, strong leadership from the top is what this country sorely lacks.

  • CL&P Reports Nearly 100 Percent Of Cheshire Back On Line   5 years 30 weeks ago

    It’s hard to find knowledgeable people on this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

  • Rabbi Seeks To Dispel Myths About Pius XII   5 years 32 weeks ago

    Thank you Rabbi Silver for conducting your research on this matter. I recently heard your interview on the radio and was astounded with what you discovered about Pope Pius XII. It is a disgrace how the character assassination of this man has flourished in the mainstream media all based on slanderous books. I find it rather amazing how millions of people can be duped through misinformation. One need only read what Israel's Prime Minister Golda Meir and Albert Einstein said about Pope Pius XII to realize that he was indeed a great man.

  • Turf, Track Project Gets Final "OK" From Town Council   5 years 33 weeks ago

    As I make my daily drive to work heading from the North end down through the South I am amazed at the state our town's infrastructure or lack of. Pot holes and cracks in the road galore . Some of the roads were recently " repaired". Where are our priorities? So what on earth are we doing spending money on turf at the high school at the " approximate" cost of $ 189,000.00??? Let's get real and prioritize what is necessary in this economy and not spend money foolishly.

    Fredyne Pell

  • The Big Dig: The Search For The Mycenaean Continues   5 years 33 weeks ago

    Citadel is the best archaeological remains of Mycenae...Citadel include storage and water supplies, shrines, houses of the nobility and the Mycenaea still in good conditions..According to Archaeological department citadel of Mycenae was a city's defensive center along with economic, religious and administrative life center..Its a great place to visit and know the history of Mycenae

  • Ryan Fowler   5 years 35 weeks ago

    ryan did a great job.
    he is a good pitcher.

  • Turf Bids Come In   5 years 41 weeks ago

    You say you donated to the turf. Why don't you ask the Chairman, Bob Behr why. Speak now or forever hold your peace.

  • Turf Bids Come In   5 years 41 weeks ago

    Why are we spending another $25k over the low bidder's bid? A quick search on the website of the low bidder Fieldturf is pretty impressive. I know the total is still under the estimate but this just seems like a total waste of money. Their website lists a ton of NFL fields and we are passing on that to spend more money?!! This article gives no explanation for why this decision was made. For a project that raised so much private money it doesn't seem justified. I am excited about getting the field but there is a ton of stuff still needed for athletics that could have used that $25k. As someone who donated money towards this project it is dissappointing to say the least to see such a waste right out the gates. Whoever is making this decsion better have a good explanation.

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